Now You Can Choose Your Financial Institution

ot all financial institutions are alike, just like not all people are alike. People like you look for better alternatives to managing their money. Tri-Point Federal Credit Union offers you an option. You can choose to eliminate high-interest and high fees from your life by choosing to join a credit union.

Tri-Point Federal Credit Union is uniquely different from a bank, finance company, Savings & Loan, or Thrift. Once you join us, you'll be immediately eligible for our low or no-fee financial services, lower interest rates for loans, and higher yield investment and savings accounts, plus outstanding member services and the attention you deserve.

Joining is easy. If you are eligible, just open a Share Account with a $50.00 deposit or a $5.00 deposit with Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit. This deposit is your "share" in the credit union, and with it you begin your lifetime of credit union benefits.


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