When Using Your MasterMoney/STAR Card Is There A Difference Between "Debit" or "Credit?"

Members often ask if it makes a difference whether they say "Debit" or "Credit" when they use their MasterMoney/STAR Card to make purchases. The answer is: "Yes. There is a difference."

The answer "Debit" or "Credit" determines how the transaction will be processed.

Here’s The difference.
If you say "debit," the transaction is processed through the STAR/ATM network, and you must use your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If you say "credit," the transaction is processed through the MasterCard network.

It all depends on your preference. But, here’s a member-friendly tip: If you choose "credit," it actually helps your Credit Union and other members because MasterMoney transactions are more efficient for the Credit Union.

Sometimes, however, saying "credit" is not the better answer. At some service stations that have a "cash" and a "credit" price, choosing "credit" will tell the system to charge you the credit card price – a usually higher price. In such a situation, choose "debit" and enter your PIN.

It’s Still Your Money
However, no matter how you respond – "debit" or "credit" – the purchase will deduct from your Share Draft/Checking Account. So don’t worry, if you say "credit," the purchase will NOT get billed to a credit card.