Where Is My Monthly Statement?

You never think you need to save your monthly statements until you need them. And today, you need them more than you realize.

Did you realize that your monthly statement is your MasterMoney Check Card (debit) protection for online and telephone purchases. When you use your MasterMoney Check Card at a store, you have your receipt and the transaction information.

But what about when you order from that catalog by phone? Where is your record? What if you have to send it back? What if you never receive it? How do you prove you ordered it? How do you verify that your account was debited for the transaction? With your monthly statement!

If you have a credit card, you reconcile your purchases with that monthly statement. Your Credit Union monthly statement gives you the same protection for your MasterMoney Check Card.

There are many other reasons to keep your statements, all of which go along with good record keeping. ATM deposits and withdrawals are recorded there. Checks and their paid date are recorded there. The interest you have earned is recorded there too.

We recommend that you keep your monthly statements for at least one year. You might need them for your income tax too!