MasterMoney/STAR Debit Card

The MasterMoney/STAR Card is a debit card that works with your Tri-Point Federal Credit Union Share Draft/Checking Account. Instead of writing a check, simply present the card, sign the purchase slip, and go! The purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. There are no interest or finance charges to pay, and no personal identification hassles!

The MasterMoney/STAR Card is fast, easy, and convenient!

You can use it instead of cash, checks, or credit cards at any participating retail outlet displaying the MasterCard logo, and to make purchases worldwide. The MasterMoney/STAR Card can also be used at ATMs to withdraw cash, transfer funds, check account balances and more!

Don't pass up the convenience and savings! You'll find the combination of your Share Draft/Checking Account and your MasterMoney/STAR Card is indispensable. Apply for yours today!

Finance Tip: When using your MasterMoney/STAR Card as a check card for purchases, be sure to record your purchase amount in your checkbook to keep your account up to date!