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How Do I Join?

Joining Is Easy!

Tri-Point Federal Credit Union membership is free. Just open a Share Account which represents your "share" in the credit union. Deposit $50.00 or $5.00 with Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction in this account and maintain it to begin a lifetime of credit union benefits.

When you join us, you are eligible to volunteer on the Board of Directors or a credit union committee. We are a member-owned organization, and as a member you can exercise the privileges of being a "part-owner."

How About My Family?

All Of Your Family Is Eligible!

Your family members and household members are also eligible to join the credit union. Your spouse, parents, and children will enjoy all the money saving financial benefits that you do as a Tri-Point FCU member. When they join, they are immediately eligible for the advantages and services of the credit union. Call us today, and we'll gladly send them a membership packet! Or instantly send us your request with the Membership Referral Form.

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How Long Does My Membership Last?
How Do I Apply?