Insurance Services

Tri-Point's relationship with CUNA Mutual offers you help in providing the best defense possible for your family. Life, credit life, and credit disability insurance are insurance products that are available by contacting the credit union office.

Life Insurance

Have you provided the best in life insurance defense for your family's protection? When you consider financial planning, be sure to consider the defense of a strong life insurance program to protect your family. With life insurance your family's financial security is immediate. They don't have to wait for an estate to be settled or for a will to go through probate, and they don't have to pay any inheritance tax on life insurance.To figure out your basic life insurance needs, multiply your current annual income by a minimum of five for the least coverage you should have, or by six, seven, or eight to find the optimal and maximum coverage you should have. For example, if you earn $40,000 a year, your minimum coverage should be $200,000; your maximum coverage should be $320,000. Speak to a Members Financial Services Representative at CUNA Mutual, 877-636-2377.

Credit Life & Credit Disability Insurance

Tri-Point FCU also recommends considering additional credit life insurance and credit disability insurance for your credit union loans. We offer it for any loan at very reasonable rates. That means your life insurance defense will not have to be used to pay off loans because the loans would be insured separately.To find out more about Credit Life Insurance and Credit Disability Insurance, contact the credit union office.