Refinancing Loans*

If you have already have a home equity, personal, new or used vehicle or RV, van, or boat loan at another financial institution, you can still take advantage of the great interest rates and flexible terms that Tri-Point offers its members. Refinance with us, today. Our great low rates and terms on refinancing can immediately reduce your monthly payments.

So don't stay stuck with their rates and payment terms. Refinance with us and save. Consider Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction and make that saving even easier.

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*Refinancing only available in Pennsylvania.

Refinance Your New Or Used Vehicle

For an application, and to find out how much you can save, call the credit union with the following information:

Vehicle year
Current interest rate you're paying
Vehicle loan balance
Number of payments remaining

Refinance Your Credit Cards And Save!

If you have a high interest credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Optima, VISA, etc.) or retail charge card with another financial institution or credit card issuer, you may be able to transfer your balance(s) to our lower interest VISA. You could save money and reduce your minimum monthly payment instantly!

If you don't have a Tri-Point FCU VISA Card, but would like to transfer balances, use our online Loan Application to apply. Print it, mail, fax it, or e-mail it to us. It takes only minutes to sign up for a lifetime of savings!

Our VISA Credit Card is a revolving line of credit loan and requires interest to be paid on any unpaid balance.

Loan Application   Loan Rates   Loan Calculator